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Explore a Power-driven yet simplistic data collection tool that will seamlessly help you manage, access, optimize, and access your workflow data.

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Easily Build WorkFlow Groups

Kodago enables you to build workflow groups based on your projects, requirements, segmentation, and more verticals. These groups provide teams members to easily communicate internally, share the data reports, add the audience data, pin map locations, and build a seamless database in a structured manner without any lag or complexity.

Create & Manage File Racks

File racks allow teams to share data in a structured way, customise the racks, and manage different forms of data. Kodago automatically builds a database, backened, and script to present the data exclusively. Diversify the racks as per you projects, workflows, and requirements to seamlessly manage the collected data.

Enable Team Communication

Managing tons of data from different sources can be chaotic. The group chat feature by Kodago enables the team members & admin to have an effective communication channel internally with collection groups. Easy communication enables flawless workflow and data collection more effectively and efficiently.

Rich Data Insights With Analytics

Data analysis is the core of data collection. Now create analytics reports with data-rich insights to get a comprehensive understanding. Check the workflow progress in real-time and track the performance of different work groups. Also, visualise your data reports, diversify data into different tables, access data anytime, and even export it.

Why Choose Kodago For Data Collection?

Glimpse of a few reasons from many that showcase how Kodago data collection tool can benefit your business

Know The Audience & Their Interests

Data collection helps you gain insights into your target audience. You can explore audience like, dislikes, behaviour, demographics, and much more. You can create and deliver more beneficial solutions when you know your audience perfectly.

Strategic Decisions & Business Actions

Having knowledge about the people that your business caters to, you can make more strategic and result-driven declines based on the collected data. Strategic decisions and business campaigns will help in garnering expected outcomes and enable growth.

Innovation & Creativity Come Alive

Research is the primary step towards innovation and unique ideas. When you will have access to detailed audience insights, you will be able to make implications and identify gaps that will help you introduce new ideas, innovation, and creativity in workflow

Deliver Personalized Audience Experiences

Personalisation has become a necessity in the modern-age for all businesses. Every individual expects personalized attention and experiences. The data collection tool will bridge that gap by gathering knowledge about individuals and simultaneously deliver personalized experiences.

Information Authenticity & Efficiency

Authenticity is the core of any crucial information. Data without authenticity can lead to adverse outcomes for the business. The accurate and authentic data collection and management will ensure profitable outcomes with trustworthy data sources.

Maximum ROI & Cost-Efficiency

Data is a necessity and collection is a rigorous task that can require massive investments into time, resources, and budget. Kodago data collection tool provides the perfect benefit of acquiring data at minimum investments leading to maximum efficiency.


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  • Free Future Updates

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us?

We choose Kodago for its performance and cost efficiency compared to the solutions it provides. The data collection process is simply quick and seamless. Beyond that, we are fully satisfied with the customer service that we have received throughout our initial days using the platform.

Steven Lopez

Data Architect Manager

The tool is amazing. We have been using the tool for quite some time and we have collected tons of data seamlessly. The internal group chat feature works really well for us as we have quite a diverse data collection network and communication is the key to successful data collection for us.

Paul Harris

Information Acquisition Lead

The data reports are expansive and insightful. The diversity of file racks for different types of data collection makes it a perfect choice for us to gather visual and textual data. Reports have helped us make many resourceful projections and bring in beneficial returns.

David Wilson

Chief Technical Manager