Kodago Collect

In the vast landscape of social media, harnessing the power of data has never been more critical. With Kodago Collect, you have at your fingertips a revolutionary tool that transforms the way you gather and analyze social media insights. Say goodbye to manual searches and data fragmentation – Kodago Collect is here to streamline your data collection journey.

Kodago Collect empowers you to bring order to the chaos of social media data. No more toggling between platforms, no more scattered information. With this feature, you can centralize the collection of data from various social media platforms based on specific hashtags and mentions.

Automated Data Aggregation

Imagine a world where data collection happens automatically. Kodago Collect makes this a reality. Define your target hashtags and mentions, and watch as the feature systematically pulls in relevant data from across platforms. Whether it's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks, Kodago Collect ensures that you're always in the loop.

Strategic Social Listening

Kodago Collect is not just about data collection; it's about listening to your audience. Understand what people are saying about your brand, products, or industry. Gain invaluable insights into consumer sentiment, emerging trends, and areas for improvement – all through the power of strategic social listening.

Unlock the Power of Kodago Collect

In the era of information overload, Kodago Collect stands as a beacon of clarity. Empower your brand to harness the true potential of social media insights. From tracking campaigns to measuring brand impact, Kodago Collect is your trusted ally in the quest for data-driven success.

Step into the future of data aggregation with Kodago Collect. Let your brand story unfold through the lens of meaningful data. Experience the power of automated data gathering and strategic social listening – only with Kodago Collect.

What Our clients Have To Say About Us?


"The tool is amazing. We have been using the tool for quite some time and we have collected tons of data seamlessly. The internal group chat feature works really well for us as we have quite a diverse data collection network and communication is the key to successful data collection for us."

Paul Harris

Information Acquisition Lead


"The data reports are expansive and insightful. The diversity of file racks for different types of data collection makes it a perfect choice for us to gather visual and textual data. Reports have helped us make many resourceful projections and bring in beneficial returns."

David Wilson

Chief Technical Manager


"We choose Kodago for its performance and cost efficiency compared to the solutions it provides. The data collection process is simply quick and seamless. Beyond that, we are fully satisfied with the customer service that we have received throughout our initial days using the platform."

Steven Lopez

Data Architect Manager