Group Forms

Kodago's group forms feature allows you to create custom forms, such as surveys or questionnaires, that group members can fill out.

This is particularly useful for groups that need to collect important information or feedback from their members in a structured and organized way.

With this feature, you can also set up automatic notifications to be alerted when a new form is filled out, making it easy to stay on top of important information.

Benefits Of Kodago’s Features

A structured and organized way of collecting critical information or feedback:

Kodago's group forms function provides a structured and organized way of collecting vital information or feedback from your group members. This can be particularly useful for groups that need to make data-driven decisions.

Customizable forms to suit your needs:

You can customize your forms in Kodago to suit your specific needs. This allows you to collect the most relevant information for your group.

Ability to analyze data collected from forms to make data-driven decisions:

By analyzing the data collected from forms, you can make data-driven decisions about managing and communicating with your group. This can help you improve group performance over time.

What Our clients Have To Say About Us?


"The tool is amazing. We have been using the tool for quite some time and we have collected tons of data seamlessly. The internal group chat feature works really well for us as we have quite a diverse data collection network and communication is the key to successful data collection for us."

Paul Harris

Information Acquisition Lead


"The data reports are expansive and insightful. The diversity of file racks for different types of data collection makes it a perfect choice for us to gather visual and textual data. Reports have helped us make many resourceful projections and bring in beneficial returns."

David Wilson

Chief Technical Manager


"We choose Kodago for its performance and cost efficiency compared to the solutions it provides. The data collection process is simply quick and seamless. Beyond that, we are fully satisfied with the customer service that we have received throughout our initial days using the platform."

Steven Lopez

Data Architect Manager