Group Members

Kodago's group members feature allows you to manage your group's membership easily. With this feature, you can add or remove members, assign different access levels to different individuals, and keep track of who is part of the group.

This is particularly useful for groups that need to maintain a certain level of privacy, as you can make sure that only authorized individuals can access group information.

Easy management of group membership:

With Kodago's group members function, you can easily add or remove members from your group. This makes it simple to keep your group up-to-date and ensures that only authorized individuals can access group information.

Control over who has access to group information:

By setting different access levels for different individuals, you can control who has access to sensitive information within your group. This can be particularly important for groups that deal with confidential information or sensitive topics.

Ability to set different access levels for different individuals

With Kodago, you can set up different access levels for different group members. For example, you might allow certain members to edit or delete messages while others can only view them.

What Our clients Have To Say About Us?


"The tool is amazing. We have been using the tool for quite some time and we have collected tons of data seamlessly. The internal group chat feature works really well for us as we have quite a diverse data collection network and communication is the key to successful data collection for us."

Paul Harris

Information Acquisition Lead


"The data reports are expansive and insightful. The diversity of file racks for different types of data collection makes it a perfect choice for us to gather visual and textual data. Reports have helped us make many resourceful projections and bring in beneficial returns."

David Wilson

Chief Technical Manager


"We choose Kodago for its performance and cost efficiency compared to the solutions it provides. The data collection process is simply quick and seamless. Beyond that, we are fully satisfied with the customer service that we have received throughout our initial days using the platform."

Steven Lopez

Data Architect Manager